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Finders Seekers Mysteries

by Finders Seekers Mysteries
Enjoy a thrilling escape room game! Travel the world solving puzzles & mysteries! ALMOST SOLD OUT

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Thrilling puzzles delivered to your door monthly

Explore a new city and culture each month while solving puzzles and deciphering codes with a fun escape room challenge! Great for game and mystery fans, puzzle solvers, and travel enthusiasts! Family-friendly and includes everything you need for a fun night at home. Try it for 25% off your first box with code 25OFF! Hurry, offer ends soon!
  • Every month includes a new fun puzzle and adventure to help you solve a mystery from the comfort of your own living room.
  • Explore a new city and culture while you try to decipher the clues. New city each month!
  • Family-friendly, great for children ages 10+
  • Each puzzle includes clues in case you get stuck and our team is able to assist from our growing Facebook group community!
  • Takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete each puzzle, however each month’s puzzle may vary!

Customer Questions (95)


Q: Would this be good for a family with kids ages 4-16? Would it bore the 4 year old?Asked by Sarah D., March 2020

Not sure how a 4 year old would do but our 8 year old loved helping out. Even if it was just writing out clues, hints, words or reading the clue he felt very much apart of the adventure and fun!

by Jordan W., March 2020

My kids are 8 and 9 and enjoy doing them. 4 might be tough, but they might like playing with the toys that come in the box! There are some simple puzzles, but most might be too mudh for him/her.

by Nancy C., January 2021


Q: Can 13 year olds do these escape rooms by themselves?Asked by Rasika M., July 2022

Finders Seekers Mysteries answered...July 2022

We recommend some adult assistance since some of the game aspects require Internet connection and the puzzles vary in difficulty level. But a 13-year-old can definitely lead the investigation and have a great time!


Q: Hello when would you ship out his box my order number is #4547824851 Thank you,Asked by Nona D., July 2022

Finders Seekers Mysteries answered...July 2022

Hi Nona, we ship on the 23rd each month. So your first box will send then. If you need it sooner, contact us by emailing lucy at findersseekers dot com. Cheers!


Q: Can I buy three boxes and give them out throughtout the year at various times or will they have to have been declared gifts?Asked by Vera S., December 2021

Finders Seekers Mysteries answered...December 2021

Yes, you can purchase three boxes and give them out throughout the year. There is no limit or login required to play the games.

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2 days ago
J H.
1 Review

We had such a blast tonight! The puzzle is put together so thoughtfully, with ample nods to real history and culture. We love the way the different problems allow each team member to contribute their unique strengths toward a solution. Will be ordering more!!

Five stars

3 days ago
Susan B.
1 Review

We enjoyed our Paris box and only needed one hint to keep us going. A great activity for date night or a rainy day. The clues were fun, especially since we have visited many of the locations.

Super enjoyable, very thoughtfully done

5 days ago
Verified Purchase
Karena D.
1 Review
Subscribed for 8 months

My husband and I have so much fun doing these every month. I got him a three month subscription for Christmas and he is obsessed and promptly suggested we continue our subscription after our first time. They are fun puzzles that make us think, they are challenging and I love that they are themed and we are learning something too. It was great during Covid, and fulfilled our travel bug too! Love that they have a soundtrack to listen to while we play too. The company really does an excellent job with each game and I'm amazed at how different each month and each game is.

Best out there!!!

4 days ago
Michael G.
1 Review

The attention to detail is amazing. Every one of these are amazing and stunningly beautiful. So much fun. Great for the whole family

Need internet and a smart phone.

Jul 31, 2022
Erika P.
1 Review

Great experience! My bf and I did it together and we loved the puzzles: they are all different and some more challenging than others, but we used hints only for one of them. Be aware that you need internet access and a smart phone to complete the adventure and the puzzles, so it's a good interaction between digital and real life. Thank you for the fun!

Really challenging

Jul 31, 2022
Robyn L.
1 Review

It was really fun but for us beginners it was too hard without using all the clues.
It would be fun if it was a little easier and quicker,but the supplies included were really thought out.

Great fun and a great challenge.

Jul 27, 2022
Chris W.
1 Review

For anyone who loves puzzles, this is great fun. These boxes provide a huge variety of activities and really test your mental muscle. This is a great way to pass the time, be challenged, and learn about far-off places.

Great Snow Day Fun!

Feb 25, 2022
James C.
1 Review
1 Picture

My wife and I received this box as a gift, and we finally sat down to check it out. We really enjoyed the puzzles, and the difficulty was perfect for us. The clues helped us when we needed some guidance but didn't give the puzzles away. The product quality was great, and the state park posters look so good we want to frame them. We really had a great time with this game, and I highly recommend it for everyone.

Herron Household

Jul 24, 2022
Julia H.
1 Review

A fun mix of easy, well-made puzzles and culture! Learned a little, thought a little, and thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon romp through China. Thank you! We would recommend this to all our friends!

A fun and educational box

Jul 22, 2022
1 Review

The puzzles were fun and not too complicated. And I liked the educational aspects! I actually learned how to use an abacus and about the secret language of Chinese women.

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