Drew Barrymore Barks Like a Dog After Helen Mirren Compares Her to a Corgi

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Drew Barrymore taking dog commands from Dame Helen Mirren is not the way we thought our Tuesday morning would start — but we’re sure glad it was. During this morning’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the two actresses had a playful discussion about corgis, which resulted in Barrymore taking her improv skills to a whole new level.

While playing “Behind the Scenes,” Barrymore asked Mirren for a juicy tidbit from her time filming The Queen — the 2006 drama about the royal family for which Mirren won an Oscar for her role as Queen Elizabeth II.

“Where do I start, really? Love the corgis. The corgis were great. They’re great little dogs,” Mirren recalled from her time on-set, to which Barrymore replied, “I’m a corgi! I have tiny legs.”

After a momentary pause, Mirren went on to agree with Barrymore’s self-analysis.

“You have the character of a corgi which is very curious, very fun, very into everything,” she told the host. “You are a corgi! And you’ve got the corgi-colored hair.”

Mirren continued, “They’ve become very fashionable dogs — corgis — apparently. Because people finally recognized what cute little dogs they are,” while Barrymore slouched back in her chair and said, “I can die happily now.”

The quirky Charlie’s Angels star then proceeded to bark and pant like a dog, prompting Mirren to play along with the strange (but hilarious) bit.

“Sit,” she commanded Barrymore as though she were speaking to her pet. “Stay.”

When she finally said, “Come on,” Barrymore got down on her hands and knees with her tongue out as she curled up at the bottom of Mirren’s legs.

While this was a fun few moments of the show, we’re just glad things didn’t get as wild as they did the last time Barrymore had her real-life dogs on an episode. We’ll just leave that there.

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