Brooke Shields Tells Drew Barrymore Her High Heels Caused Her to Crash Into Her House

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Brooke Shields revealed that she once drove her car through her house while playing a game of “Two Drewths and a Lie” on today’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show.

Just like us, Drew Barrymore clearly couldn’t get enough of Shields’ appearance earlier this month as she played an unaired clip, which also featured the Blue Lagoon star’s BFF and Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields producer Ali Wentworth.

For the game, Barrymore threw it to Law and Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay, who took a break from filming in Times Square to read off two truths and a lie about each of the three women.

For Shields, she said, “When Brooke is stressed, she makes origami. Brooke once spent Thanksgiving in an igloo. Brooke’s high heels once caused her to crash her car into her house.”

When the cameras came back to the Drew studio, Wentworth — being the good friend she is — immediately knew the lie.

“You don’t do origami when you’re stressed,” she said through laughter, to which Shields replied, “The funny thing is the other two are so ridiculous.”

She continued, “My heel got caught on the gas pedal and I drove into my kitchen. And I took out the pillar of the house … It was stuck and I was on the phone and we had to do construction.”

While Wentworth didn’t seem to buy it at first as she never knew this about her friend, Shields assured her that the story was, in fact, true.

“Do you have your license, just out of curiosity?” Wentworth quipped, while Shields told her, “Yes, I do.”

Meanwhile, we learned that Barrymore has a chicken named Blanche and that the thought of goat cheese makes her want to vomit. Plus, Wentworth admitted that she didn’t shower or shave before her blind date with now-husband George Stephanopoulos and she once tap-danced for Henry Kissinger.

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