Joy Behar Offers Raunchy Advice for Couple With Rent Dilemma on ‘The View’: “Make Him Her Sex Slave”

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Joy Behar gave some NSFW advice to a couple struggling over how to split their rent during this morning’s episode of The View. In response to whether she thinks the woman in the couple — who has a higher salary — should pay more of the rent, the comedian suggested that she make her boyfriend her “sex slave.”

The Hot Topics segment was brought to us by Reddit, as Whoopi Goldberg explained. According to the post, the man was paying the majority of the rent while he was making the higher salary, but when his girlfriend began making more than him, she refused to go above a 50/50 split.

Sara Haines was the first to offer up her opinion when she firmly told the panel, “You should do it by percentage of how much you make.”

However, Sunny Hostin and Goldberg were quick to dispute Haines’ stance as they each agreed that both contributing parties should pay half of the rent as it “cuts out all of the issues.”

Despite them believing strongly in the 50/50 split, Behar came to her co-host’s defense.

“I think that when there’s a discrepancy in the amount of money you’re putting into a household, resentments build and it ends up in the bedroom,” Behar said. “Unless he pays less and she makes him her sex slave.”

Hostin went on to suggest something similar (albeit, slightly less raunchy) as she replied, “He can cook dinner every night. Maybe he could put in his percentages in another way.”

Meanwhile, Goldberg joked that she always gets “suckered into these conversations,” before later advising the man to break up with his girlfriend.

“She fooled you. She suckered you into paying more,” the moderator said. “And now when it’s her turn to pay more she’s saying, ‘I don’t want to do it.’ Leave now.”

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