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11 Best New Movies on Netflix: March 2023’s Freshest Films to Watch

Netflix is serving up some incredible content this March in the form of films and specials that will do everything from take your breath away with immersive action and drama to transport you on an epic international and multi-lingual journey from the comforts of home. Whether you’re looking for something intense, informative, or funny, Netflix has got you covered. Keep reading for the streamer’s best new movies coming in March.

Netflix is starting the month strong, kicking things off with old and new titles that are headlined by big names and sure to make you laugh out loud, like hit 2009 comedy film The Hangover and a brand new stand-up special Chris Rock: Selective Outrage. 

Moving further into the month, the platform is also debuting completely original titles to beef up their already-stacked catalog of hits. Releases like Murder Mystery 2 and Luther: The Fallen Sun in particular are highly-anticipated releases featuring everyone from big-name stars to fresh faces putting out powerful performances that culminate in stand-out films destined for the Netflix Top 10.

And while you’re feeling the luck of the Irish, you can continue to get in the international spirit by streaming outstanding titles from all over the world. In particular, you should be sure to look out for Mexican comedy-drama Have a nice day! and South Korean crime action film Kill Boksoon.

Want to know what other eye-grabbing movies are dropping on Netflix in the next month? Keeping scrolling to check out our full list of what movies to watch on Netflix in March.

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'Murder Mystery 2'

Released March 31

Murder Mystery 2
Photo: Scott Yamano/Netflix © 2023

One of the biggest headliners for Netflix March streaming comes at the tail-end of the month in the form of this action crime-comedy film. Murder Mystery 2 picks back up with full-time detectives Nick (Adam Sandler) and Audrey Spitz (Jennifer Aniston) who have come a long way since solving their first mystery four years earlier.

Even with that success under their belt, the married couple still struggles to get their private eye agency off the ground until a case falls into their laps when their friend Maharaja (Adeel Akhtar) is kidnapped at his own lavish island wedding. With this unparalleled chance to finally make their dreams come true, the Spitzes lay it all on the line to get to the bottom of this high-stakes whodunnit. See how it all goes down by catching Murder Mystery 2 as soon as it drops this month, only on Netflix.

Stream Murder Mystery 2 on Netflix


'Luther: The Fallen Sun'

Released March 10

Luther. Idris Elba as John Luther in Luther. Cr. John Wilson/Netflix © 2023
Photo: John Wilson/Netflix

Serving as a sweeping cinematic continuation of the 2010–19 British television series Luther, Luther: The Fallen Sun sees Idris Elba return as detective chief inspector John Luther for an epic new adventure. The brilliant detective Luther is now disgraced as he sits behind bars, haunted by an unsolved murder involving a sadistic serial killer that is still on the loose. Determined to right his wrongs, Luther breaks out of prison to capture the sadistic cyber psychopath and prevent them from taking any more lives by any means necessary. Get in on all the action by watching this heart-pounding Netflix Original crime-thriller film when it premieres in March.

Stream Luther: The Fallen Sun on Netflix


'Chris Rock: Selective Outrage'

Released March 4

Chris Rock: Selective Outrage
Photo: Netflix

It’s hard to believe it has almost been a full year since the Slap Heard ‘Round the World at the 94th Academy Awards ceremony. Slap-recipient Chris Rock is here and tougher than ever as he delivers a groundbreaking stand-up special that will be filmed in Baltimore, Maryland for the first-ever Netflix live streamed global event. Tune in on the excitement as it happens on March 4th by catching the live stream of Chris Rock: Selective Outrage at 10pm ET/7pm PT for a Netflix Original comedy experience unlike any other.

Stream Chris Rock: Selective Outrage on Netflix


'We Lost Our Human'

Released March 21

We Lost Our Human
Photo: Netflix

This delightful Netflix Original special presents an interactive streaming experience that is sure to be fun for the whole family. We Lost Our Human is an animated comedy adventure about two pets who wake up one day to discover that every human on Earth has disappeared. Determined to locate their missing owner, pampered pets Pud the Cat (Ben Schwartz) and Ham the Dog (Ayo Edebiri) take a journey that launches them on a wild trip to the center of the universe and need your help to find them.

With everyone choice they (and you) make having major consequences, Pud and Ham find that they need to tread carefully through strange worlds, odd creatures, and total chaos in order to successfully find their owner and the rest of the missing humans.

Stream We Lost Our Human on Netflix


'Mae Martin: SAP'

Released March 28

Mae Martin: SAP
Photo: Netflix

Fans of TV series Feel Good and comedy in general are sure to love Mae Martin: SAP, which hits Netflix towards the end of March. This Netflix Original stand-up special sees award-winning writer and performer Mae Martin make their hour-long taped comedy special debut as they reflect on the wild world we live in, including everything from a mythical moose encounter to the gender spectrum presented in Beauty and the Beast. Watch Mae Martin: SAP for a laugh and an overall great time this month on Netflix.

Stream Mae Martin: SAP on Netflix


'The Magician's Elephant'

Released March 17

The Magician's Elephant
Photo: Netflix

Based on Kate DiCamillo’s 2009 children’s novel of the same name, The Magician’s Elephant is a Netflix Original animated adventure comedy film about a young orphaned boy named Peter (Noah Jupe) who crosses paths with a magical fortune teller (Benedict Wong) on his journey to locate his long-lost sister. Out of anything in the world he could ask The Magician, all Peter wants to know is if his sister is still alive, and he swiftly learns that in order to safely locate and retrieve her, he must follow a mysterious elephant through three seemingly impossible tasks on an incredible magical quest that will leave both Peter and his town changed forever.

Stream The Magician's Elephant on Netflix


'Money Shot: The Pornhub Story'

Released March 15

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story
Photo: Netflix

If you’re looking for something a little more risqué this month, check out Money Shot: The Pornhub Story, a documentary film that offers a thorough deep dive into the successes and scandals of the internet’s most famous adult entertainment platform, Pornhub.

Using exclusive interviews with pornography performers, activists, and former Pornhub employees, this film gives an unflinching look at the company’s rise to prominence and financial success, as well as its involvement with allegations including non-consensual material and sex trafficking. With interesting points and questions about censorship, profits, and human rights, Money Shot: The Pornhub Story is a fascinating and titillating title to watch this March.

Stream Money Shot: The Pornhub Story on Netflix


'Have a nice day!'

Released March 10

Have a nice day! (2023) Netflix Review
Photo: Netflix

Have a nice day! is a Mexican Netflix Original comedy-drama film that follows a retired radio show host who now bags groceries in order to earn enough money to be able to attend his former boss’s anniversary party. There, he hopes to not only stand amongst his former peers, but also (and most importantly), to reunite with the love of his life. Enjoy this international heart-warming title by catching it as soon as it premieres within the first few weeks of March, only on Netflix.

Stream Have a nice day! on Netflix


'Kill Boksoon'

Released March 31

Kill Boksoon
Photo: Netflix

This crime action film out of South Korea revolves around Gil Bok-soon (Jeon Do-yeon), a legendary assassin in the contract killing industry who is dubbed “Kill Bok-soon” by other career insiders. At home, she’s a single parent to a teenage girl (Kim Si-a) who doesn’t know anything about her mother’s true profession. Between the two, it’s parenting that’s more of a challenge, but her work life suddenly also becomes much more of a challenge when Kill Bok-soon finds herself caught in an unavoidable deadly conflict that arises just before she’s about to renew her contract. Get in on all the action by watching Kill Boksoon on Netflix at the end of this month.

Stream Kill Boksoon on Netflix



Released March 8

Photo: Netflix

Feel the love this March with Faraway, a German romantic-comedy film that follows Zeynep Altin (Naomi Krauss) as she reaches her breaking point after being overworked and completely under-appreciated by her family, including her own husband and daughter. Fed up, she takes charge of her own life by leaving Munich for her late mother’s secret Croatian island cottage in hopes of rediscovering peace, quiet, and her sense of self.

Her solo journey becomes a bit more crowded, however, when she’s forced together with Josip Cega (Goran Bogdan), a rugged islander who used to own Zeynep’s very cottage, and who still resides on the same plot of land. Will the close proximity and romantic setting make sparks fly? Find out by watching Faraway on Netflix this month.

Stream Faraway on Netflix


'The Hangover'

Released March 1

The Hangover
Everett Collection

If you’re looking for a more familiar film this month, look no further than the uproarious wild ride that in 2009 comedy The Hangover hitting Netflix at the beginning of March. The film follows unlikely trio Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) as they wake up from a wild bachelor party in Las Vegas with no memory of what went down the night before, and even more concerningly, no idea where the groom-to-be, Doug (Justin Bartha), is. With just one day before the wedding, the three men must retrace their steps in order to find Doug and get him to Los Angeles so he make it in time for his own wedding. Start your month with a good laugh and even better time by watching The Hangover on Netflix!

Stream The Hangover on Netflix