‘RHONJ’ Fans Sympathize With Teresa Giudice After She Asks Castmates Not to Bring up Jail During Her Bachelorette Party: “Sad That She Even Had to Say That”

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Real Housewives of New Jersey fans are sympathizing with Teresa Giudice after she tearfully asked her fellow castmates to refrain from bringing up her 2015 prison stint during her hen party on Tuesday night’s (April 25) episode of the reality series.

While celebrating Giudice’s impending nuptials in Ireland, each Housewife was tasked with painting a moment or memory from the reality star’s life on a wall.

But before they could begin, Giudice broke out in tears as she told the group, “Don’t put any bars.”

In her confessional, the bestselling author opened up about serving an 11-month prison sentence in 2015 after being convicted of fraud.

“That was not easy to go to prison and leave my four daughters behind. To miss big milestones like Gia’s 8th grade graduation. Audriana graduated kindergarten,” she explained. “That was traumatic for me so I just decided to act like that part of my life never happened.”

Meanwhile, fans of the show were left feeling sorry for Giudice following the vulnerable moment.

“Teresa knows how mean these women can be!” one wrote, while another added, “It’s sad she had to even say that.”

A third person said, “It is tragic that Teresa had to ask them not to put bars to remind her of one of her lowest times in her life. That’s the kind of ‘friends’ that she has, that she had to worry that they would do that to her.”

“I’m glad Tre was vulnerable enough to mention that she didn’t want to see jail bars painted on the board because you know a couple of them haters was about to paint Tre in a green jumper behind bars,” someone else pointed out.

Another asked, “Did anyone go and hug her? I want to hug her.”

“It’s weird… I actually like when Teresa cries because it’s always so authentic,” someone else said. “She gives such a strong and powerful aura, when she cries like this, I’m always so sympathetic because I know it’s the last thing she wants to do in front of people or cameras.”

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