What Time Will ‘Ghosted’ Be on Apple TV+? How to Watch the Chris Evans and Ana de Armas Movie

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Ghosted (2023)

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Chris Evans doesn’t get to be the hero in Apple TV+’s new action comedy, Ghosted, which is coming to the streaming service tomorrow. Instead, the Captain America star gets a taste of what it’s like to be the damsel in distress, while his former Knives Out co-star Ana de Armas swoops in to save the day.

Directed by Dexter Fletcher (Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman), Ghosted starts off as a sweet romantic comedy about a down-to-earth dude named Cole (Evans) who meets a cute girl named Sadie (de Armas) at the farmer’s market. The two hit it off, and have one of those incredible, life-changing dates. Cole is sure he’s met the one. Then Sadie ghosts him.

Determined not to give up on true love, Cole tracks Sadie down… only to realize the reason she ghosted him is that she’s secretly a CIA agent who was called away on a top-secret mission. Now Cole’s deep in trouble with the bad guys, and Sadie has to come to his rescue.

It’s a fun, sweet, hilarious romantic action-comedy starring two of the most likable movie stars out there, and you don’t want to miss it. Here’s what you need to know about how to watch Ghosted on Apple TV+, including the Ghosted release date, and the Ghosted release time.

Where to watch the Chris Evans and Ana de Armas movie Ghosted:

Beginning Friday, April 21 you will be able to watch the Ghosted movie streaming on Apple TV+. You’ll need an Apple TV+ subscription or a login from a friend to watch the movie on Apple. A subscription to Apple TV+ is $4.99/month. There are also a few Apple TV+ free trial options you can try if you haven’t used them already.

Though Ghosted was reportedly also releasing in select theaters, it seems right now the only way to watch Ghosted is on Apple TV+ when the movie is released on Friday.

Ghosted movie release date on Apple TV Plus:

Ghosted will begin streaming on Apple TV+ on Friday, April 21.

What time does the Chris Evans Ghosted movie come out on Apple TV Plus?

New titles tend to drop on Apple TV+ at 3 a.m. Eastern Time, or 12 a.m. Pacific Time on the morning of release. So depending on what time zone you’re in, you’ll either be able to watch Ghosted very early Friday morning on April 21, or very late Thursday night.

How to watch Ghosted online for free:

If you haven’t already used it up yet, a seven-day free trial of Apple TV+ is available for eligible subscribers (the service is $4.99/month after the offer expires). You can also redeem a free three-month trial of AppleTV+ if you’ve purchased an Apple device recently. You must redeem the offer within 90 days of purchase.

Is the Ghosted movie on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu?

No, sorry. Ghosted will stream exclusively on Apple TV+. The only way to watch it is on Apple TV+.