‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan’s “God Complex” Led to Rift With Kevin Costner: “Stick to Acting”

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The news of Taylor Sheridan‘s alleged national park-sized ego only continues to grow as another source claims that his “God complex” helped fuel the reported feud between him and Yellowstone star Kevin Costner.

The insider elaborated on the rumored rift between Sheridan and Costner as they told The Daily Mail, “Certain people in charge of the production developed a God complex.”

While they said the actor — who recently won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of John Dutton and also acts as an executive producer on the hit drama — will “forever be proud” of the series and referred to the cast as “family,” he felt as though Yellowstone was “headed in a direction that was not in line with their initial vision.”

The sources added that Costner was allegedly dismissed when he brought up his concerns and was told that he “should just stick to acting.”

Earlier this week, the The New York Post reported that the series would end following the second part of its fifth season, which still has yet to begin filming.

While some alleged that Yellowstone’s filming delay was due to Costner refusing to commit to the Season 5 production schedule, a source claimed that it was actually Sheridan’s ego that led to the halt in filming.

“Taylor is the star of his show. He’s the most important person on all of his shows,” they said of the showrunner, who also created spin-off series 1883 and 1923.

The source added, “Taylor is overburdened and Kevin made himself available at the beginning of the year, but again, nothing was ready. Kevin had already committed to making his other movies. He had given the producers his schedule.”

As the second half to the fifth installment remains up in the air, fans of the series can look forward to seeing Matthew McConaughey headline his own spin-off, which is still set to move forward, according to Paramount President Chris McCarthy, who recently confirmed the news to The Hollywood Reporter.

When it was first reported back in February, a Paramount Network spokesperson told Deadline, “Kevin Costner is a big part of Yellowstone and we hope that’s the case for a long time to come. Thanks to the brilliant mind of Taylor Sheridan, we are always working on franchise expansions of this incredible world he has built. Matthew McConaughey is a phenomenal talent with whom we’d love to partner.”

Yellowstone is currently streaming on Peacock.