‘The View’ EP Reprimands Co-Hosts for Speaking to His Wife During Conversation About Marriage: “Under No Circumstances Go to My Wife in the Audience”

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The View co-hosts irritated their executive producer Brian Teta, who lightly scolded them for dragging his wife into a conversation about the hardships of marriage during this morning’s episode of the hit daytime talk show.

During a Hot Topics segment, the table gave their opinions on Michelle Obama saying, “If I fell out with [Barack Obama] for 10 [years] and we had a great 20 years, I’d take those odds anytime.” In the same recent interview, the former First Lady said she believes that couples these days “aren’t ready for the real of marriage.”

In response, Sunny Hostin — who has been married for 25 years — admitted that the first five years of her own marriage were “pure hell.”

“You have that change in independence where you become a ‘we’ instead of just ‘me,'” she said. “They say the three things people fight about the most are finances, kids and sex. I would say that’s absolutely true.”

While wrapping up her stance on the topic, the co-host became distracted after she noticed Teta’s wife sitting in the audience.

“Oh, hi Heather. This is our EP’s wife,” she told viewers, before Joy Behar asked, “How many years have you been married to Brian?”

After revealing she and Brian had been married for 19 years, Behar followed up by inquiring, “How many were great?” to which Heather innocently replied, “They’re all great in different ways.”

Meanwhile, the co-hosts began poking fun at their EP for his wife’s “sweet” response as Behar presumed he “made her say that” and Hostin suggested, “Did you pay her to say that?”

However, Brian wasn’t too thrilled that they had ignored his earlier request to steer away from bringing his wife into the conversation.

“I said specifically, under no circumstances go to my wife in the audience,” he told the co-hosts, while Hostin fired back, “I did not hear that,” and Alyssa Farah Griffin added, “You knew we were going to!”

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