Drew Barrymore Strapped to Chair After Going Viral for Getting “Too Close” to Guests: “I’m in on the Joke”

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Drew Barrymore has recently become known as the Queen of Daytime TV thanks to her intimate interview style, which oftentimes finds her cuddling up close to her guests in one way or another. And during this morning’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the beloved host addressed all those viral memes.

In her opening segment, Barrymore — who donned a chic ivory pantsuit — was greeted by her Drew’s News co-host Ross Mathews and two secret service agents ahead of her interview with Michelle Obama.

“Hey, Drew. These are my friends from the secret service,” Mathews said. “They saw the memes about how close you get to people you’re interviewing and they just want to make sure you aren’t gonna pounce on our special guest today, so I’m gonna go ahead and strap you down.”

Mathews proceeded to duct tape Barrymore to her seat, while she told him she’s “in on the joke” about her tendencies to enter into others’ personal space.

“I know that I get too close to people and I’m too much,” she said. “But what do you expect with the guest we have coming out? I mean, who wouldn’t want to, like, be close to them?”

Barrymore continued, “Well, I’m gonna trust myself. But I’ll tell you one thing: I have to be myself,” before she dramatically broke free of the duct tape and the show officially began.

As for whether she was able to contain herself during her episode-long interview with Obama, Barrymore almost made it to the end.

Just as the former First Lady was wrapping up her inspiring response about “crossing hard rooms,” Barrymore clumsily pulled her chair as close as she could possibly get to her guest, who playfully replied, “Get close, girl!”

Luckily, no secret service agents came out to grab Barrymore. Although, earlier in the interview, the Never Been Kissed star said it might not be a “bad thing” seeing as she’s been single for seven years, to which Obama joked, “A lot of them are cute.”

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