Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey May Be out as ‘Love Is Blind’ Hosts After Live Reunion Fail: Report

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Love Is Blind might be in a bit of a bind. A recent report suggests that co-hosts Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey may be on the outs at the Netflix reality hit, while alums Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton could be in line as their replacements. 

According to The Daily Mail, Netflix is considering axing the two hosts after poor reception following the recent live reunion fail. Not only was the program heavily delayed because of technical issues, but many criticized the hosts for their poor handling of sensitive topics. 

An insider told The Daily Mail, “There’s always been whispers about replacing them, especially now after the live reunion special which was a complete disaster on so many levels.”

The source added, “If they want to keep their ratings up, there’s got to be a change.”

The Season 4 reunion special was the streamer’s second-ever live event and the first-ever live event within the Love Is Blind franchise.

Following the release, many people criticized Vanessa for having bias against the male contestants and pressuring the couples to have babies.

An on-set source then suggested that a fan-favorite pod couple from the first season may replace the current hosts. They told The Daily Mail, “Viewers feel a connection with Lauren and Cameron because they are the real deal.”

The source continued, “They are down-to-earth, kind people who can actually help the contestants because they have walked in their shoes.” They added, “People want to relate to the hosts, and at this point they can’t relate to Vanessa or Nick.”

The on-set source stated that the Lacheys are “fabulous when it comes to interacting with the studio higher-ups and Netflix executives,” but lack in other skills. “There’s another side to them which everyone finally got to see because the reunion special wasn’t scripted.”

The Daily Mail also requested a comment from the paparazzo who was assaulted by Nick in March 2022. “In my opinion, Vanessa was just as much the bully that night. Here she is encouraging her husband to come after another woman, me. I was not provoking them one bit. Vanessa had a smirk on her face and was saying, ‘Go get her,'” claimed Jody Santos.

She continued, “These people are role models and should know better. What people saw on Love Is Blind is what I experienced up close and it was way worse.”

Following the incident, the Love Is Blind co-host was ordered to attend anger management classes and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

While there’s been no word from Netflix CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters, they previously opened up about what occurred during the tonight of the big reunion, when viewers were met with an error screen for roughly 90 minutes when they tuned in to watch the live event. 

“We’re really sorry to disappoint so many people. We didn’t meet the standard that we expect ourselves to serve our members and just be clear from a technical perspective, we’ve got the infrastructure,” Peters said.

Sarandos clarified that the reunion still brought it “ultimately 6.5 million viewers” despite the technical bumps.

The failed reunion doesn’t seem to be the reality show’s biggest qualm, as a recent report from Business Insider featured several accounts from former contestants who have come forward with allegations of “emotional warfare” and poor living conditions on the show.

Additionally, Season 1 alums Amber Pike and Matt Barnett recently revealed that they told Netflix to “stay away” from them after filming. 

Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.