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Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Workin’ Moms’ Season 7 on Netflix, A Solid, Reliably Funny Conclusion To The Series

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When Workin’ Moms first premiered (in 2017 on CBC in Canada, then in 2019 on Netflix), it was a sitcom about women juggling that work-life balance. Creator Catherine Reitman has kept the ship running for seven seasons and in that time, the show has evolved into so much more than just a show about motherhood: It’s a show about friendship, about office dynamics, and there have been some dramatic, dark plots thrown in too. Seven seasons is a lot for any show, so now that we’re at the end, will the final season do the series justice?


Opening Shot: Kate (Catherine Reitman) calls Anne (Dani Kind), who is out for a run. Kate tells Anne, “I don’t want to be the thing that stops you from growing,” and as Anne pauses her jog to have this serious conversation about the state of their friendship, a woman driving a station wagon runs her down with her car.

The Gist: During the finale of Workin’ Moms‘ Season 6, we saw the beginning of Anne and Kate’s phone call, and we heard Anne yelling, “No, no!” as she recognized the car of her former therapy client, Heather (Martha Girvin) before the line went dead. Now, in those first few moments of the new season, we see that Heather did indeed run into Anne with her car. But Anne doesn’t want to press charges or get revenge, instead, the entire thing has left her exhilarated. After recovering from her near-death experience, she tells Kate that the feeling she had when she knew she was about to be hit by a car was thrilling, and she wants to try to find more ways to cheat death in order to make herself feel alive. (Including buying a pet tarantula.) Kate obviously thinks this is a terrible idea.

New mom Sloan (Enuka Okuma) is feeling the strain of it all at the beginning of this season too. She’s a professional woman, dammit, and she won’t give up that part of her identity, but she brings her baby to the office and tries to get her work done while multi-tasking with meetings and breastfeeding and it’s a lot for everyone around her to take in. She’s perfectly comfortable with the arrangement, but her male co-workers are constantly flustered at having a breast in their face.

And Jenny (Jessalyn Wanlim), who quit her job and left her boyfriend at the end of season six, seeks out Kate to ask for a job at her firm. Kate is busy enough at work and doesn’t need Jenny’s high maintenance-ness around, but Jenny forces her way in as a new assistant to Rosie (Nikki Duval) anyway. Meanwhile, Kate is considering a proposal for a pharma bro named Ram (Raymond Ablack) who is pitching her firm to represent a new male birth control pill called Seedless (hilarious but ew). Kate’s husband Nathan (Philip Sternberg) explains that men will never go for a pill that includes side effects like bloating, weight gain and mood changes. “The same shit that women have had to ‘go for’ for years? Isn’t that a little misogynistic?” Kate asks. Nathan says if Kate accepts this job, she’s setting up for a fail, but that only lights a fire under her to accept the job. Professionally, it could be a huge win or a huge loss, but she pursues the risk anyway.

Catherine Reitman -- Workin' Moms
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What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Workin’ Moms presents the challenges of motherhood, mental health, friendship, and everything else that fluctuates during mid-life with biting hilarity, similar to shows like The Letdown and Catastrophe, with a little bit of Good Girls thrown in.

Our Take: Workin’ Moms is setting up some pretty big, interesting stories for our main cast this season. While Kate works through her new professional opportunities and Anne deals with the fallout from her accident, we still haven’t even addressed the state of the two women’s friendship, which was tenuous last season.

There’s an ease and honesty in the performances from Reitman and Kind, and even though Anne seems kind of checked out in the beginning of the season, there’s still a warmth between them, and that’s a testament to the ways friendship can still remain solid even when things are completely abnormal and out of whack between two people. Really, that’s been the crux of the show this whole time though: life changes, and motherhood in particular, can make your life completely abnormal and out of whack, and to find the people who will support you through that is crucial. Sloan is discovering her version of that too. It’s rare to see a woman challenge so many norms and conventions, but with her character holding fast to the idea that she can have it all, it will be interesting to see how that works for her. For a show that’s lasted seven seasons, Workin’ Moms hasn’t suffered from a lack of quality stories, and though the show is taking some big swings this season, it’s still rooted in the realistic relationships that keep it grounded and funny.

Sex and Skin: None so far this season.

Parting Shot: The pet tarantula Anne bought because it helps make her feel more alive crawls up her arm. “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod,” she gasps in some combination of exhilaration and fear.

Sleeper Star: As Sloan, Enuka Okuma, is doing what we all wish we could do, bringing her infant to work and confronting her co-workers’ discomfort with the presence of her baby and her lactating breasts. God love her determination. Though bringing your infant to work isn’t necessarily a realistic thing to do, she speaks the truth when she challenges everyone around her to accept it.

Most Pilot-y Line: “He’s not a kid, he’s a baby. And essentially an idiot. He has no idea what we’re saying. Look: Fuck. Shit. Blood. See? You try it,” Sloan tells her co-workers who are weirded out that her baby is in a pitch meeting.

Our Call: STREAM IT! Workin’ Moms hasn’t lost any of its sharp wit that has made it such a joy to watch, and while the female characters have always been well-drawn, they’ve got even more challenging things to deal with this season. The show is going big before it goes to pasture.