About Alacrity Canada


The Alacrity Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in British Columbia in 2009 with a mandate to promote technological entrepreneurship and facilitate regionalized investment opportunities.


Since inception, Alacrity Foundation companies in Victoria and Vancouver have employed more than 200 people and have had a direct economic impact of $300 million in Western Canada. The foundation has also helped bring over $225 million dollars into the BC technology ecosystem through our investor readiness program through 2014-2017.

The Alacrity Process

Alacrity’s unique approach begins with discovering hard working, bright and promising entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation, both locally and globally.

This passion is then nurtured through the entrepreneurship@alacrity program, which is provided with the support of our partners. This program puts the graduates through a 9-12 month training bootcamp where they gain access to significant resources. These resources include, but are not limited to: office space, accounting and administrative services, and mentorship.

Once the participating companies mature to a level at which they are deemed investment ready, Alacrity Canada utilizes its extensive network to introduce these rising companies to active investors.

Through this process, companies gain access to a network that is otherwise difficult for young entrepreneurs to access, and investors gain opportunities and insights into young ventures that are already supported by a group of experienced advisors in a solid business framework.

The resulting outcomes are longterm symbiotic relationships between entrepreneurs and investors that have significant economic and social impact in Western Canada and beyond.

Global Ecosystem

Though Alacrity Canada’s individual and autonomous mission is to support technological innovation and regionalized investment opportunities in Western Canada, it is also part of a global Alacrity ecosystem. Alacrity Canada and its partner Wesley Clover have helped implement the unique Alacrity process in offices around the globe, including in Mexico, France, Turkey, India, China, Singapore and Northern Europe.

The word “alacrity” means brisk and cheerful readiness. Propelled by this definition, our foundation works together with strategic partners to connect entrepreneurs and startups in Western Canada with interested investors.